KnowRoaming Promo Code: $5 FREE & 30% Off

If you’re a traveller, we’ve got some great news to share with the introduction of KnowRoaming.

KnowRoaming is a brilliant new service that lets you roam almost anywhere in the world using either their sticker SIM or a traditional SIM card in your phone.

You won’t ever use your cell phone provider again while roaming after seeing how little you can pay by using this service — in most cases pennies for calls, texts and even data. Who wants to be gouged by their cell phone provider anyway?

KnowRoaming Promo Code: AKSSI71

Not only that, possibly the biggest benefit of KnowRoaming is that they provide FREE and UNLIMITED WhatsApp usage worldwide. That’s right. You can use WhatsApp for free so it doesn’t count against your data anywhere in the world.

In fact, after you get your SIM, you don’t even need to put any sort of credit into your account. That’s just how free their WhatsApp usage is. No catches.

The best part? They have provided us a unique KnowRoaming promo code AKSSI71 that you can enter while checking out for $5 FREE credit loaded right into your account and an instant 30% off your SIM.

So, depending on which SIM you’re getting, you will save between $10 – $20 with coupon code AKSSI71 while getting the freedom to roam anywhere in the world.